Top Tips for Breastfeeding : 3 of 4


There are many positions we can use but learning one or two in the early weeks is less confusing. No matter what position the principles are the same. We often use a ditty “ Nipple to nose- tummy to mummy”. When you are aiming your nipple to the upper part of the baby’s mouth it lets the baby lead with his chin. Chin touching the breast is very important, as the lower part of the mouth is the main area which transfers your milk. Tummy touching you is also important as it means the baby is close enough to be able to bring the breast deep enough into his mouth.


Don’t be tempted to lay your baby on the nursing pillow , as this prevents your baby from being really close. It also means you lean forward when giving your breast, this in turn leads to back ache and cracked nipples. Lean back once your baby is on your breast. Put the pillow in after if you need. Your arms support baby , the pillow is for you.