This is a constant worry when you are pregnant.

Usually it is checked several times during the 9 months. It would be important that the levels are correct before you reach 36 weeks gestation as this is the time the baby really starts building up its own reserves.

I hear quite often from mums to be don’t like taking the artificial iron replacement treatment. There   are some mothers who suffer terribly with side effects from the conventional treatment. So I would  like to share a recipe which a colleague shared with me some time ago. She was given it from a Latvian  grandmother. 


Chop or mass together (you can use a food processor) equal amounts of 

Walnuts, figs, honey, apricots and cranberries. Eat as a jam spread.

This combination is high in iron, high in vitamin C so will counteract constipation .

What ever it does, it can only do you good…enjoy 🍯