Lactation Consultant

In my role as a Lactation Consultant I offer antenatal breastfeeding visit for all mothers, be it your first or not. I also visit Mothers in the postpartum period. I see all mothers and babies in their homes.

Lactation Consultant services

before the baby arrives

  • Antenatal preparation class
  • Skin to skin and the first hours with baby
  • What happens in the first few weeks
  • Position and latch
  • Out and about and back to work.

AFTER the baby arrives

  • Early visits on returning home after baby's birth
  • Assessing any difficulties experienced by Mum
  • Assessment for tongue tie
  • Sick or Preterm babies.

Should you have any concerns with breastfeeding your baby, feel free to contact me by mobile phone +33 (0)6 86 54 29 92 (sms is good) or email here.